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 Do you like VRZO?

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PostSubject: Do you like VRZO?   3rd December 2015, 12:03 am

VRZO is a variety which is about asking the opinion of 100 good looking people with different topics in each episode. This is on air on YouTube and later also on air on True Vision.
VRZO is stand for "We Are So".

When i was in first year of the university, i really like this.
For now i think is not fun anymore.
And why they only ask good looking people.
This is bias on the society.
Ugly people is on the same society and can answer the questions of the topics as well.

Do you like VRZO?
Feel free to comment.

Tatiya014 3EN
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PostSubject: Re: Do you like VRZO?   3rd December 2015, 1:20 am

No, I don't like this channel.
It is not suitable for the young children,
They talk many slang and also action in the way that is not good.

Rapeepan 035 3EN
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Do you like VRZO?
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