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 Classroom Language: Coming into the room

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: Coming into the room   3rd December 2015, 12:21 am

Coming into the room

The teacher coming into a room full of students

"Can someone take this CD player and plug it in? Thanks." [hold it up as if you are offering it to someone, and look towards the socket or hold the plug and mime plugging it into something]

"Can someone hold the door open for me?" [stop with the door supported on your back, then maybe make straining noises like you are trying to squeeze through]

"Hi everyone. Just let me put my things down here and we'll get started."

"Morning. Not many people here yet? / Where is everyone?" [gesture looking at empty seats and then as if searching for those people in the corners of the room]

"Is this the right room? Mrs Andersen's class?/ Top set English?/ English club?"

"Hello again. Mr Smithers is still sick"/ "Yes, (it's) me again!"

The students coming in

"Okay everyone, file in quietly and take a seat please" [use two arms to show the slowness and straight lines of the route into the room]

"Upper Intermediate 1? Yes, this is the right class. Come (on) in."

"Hi. Come in. Take a seat/ Sit anywhere you like/ Can you sit somewhere different from last week?/ "Can you sit near the front?"

"Please put your homework into the tray as you come in"/ "Homework in the tray, everyone"

"Please put your bags on your pegs/ in your desks/ on the back of your chairs/ on the stage/ in a pile by the door/ in your lockers" [mime putting or hanging the bag, then point at position]

"We're going to do pair work, so you need to sit closer to each other" [gesture two hands pressing something together]

"Sit in your usual teams/ the same teams as last lesson"

"Boys on the right and girls on the left" [point at some boys, and then where they should be, etc]

"Sit on the floor/ on the mats/ on the rug/ in the story corner"

"Take a flashcard as you come in, they are for the first game"

"Line up in order of age/ height/ the date of your birthday/ in alphabetical order"

"Can the last person in close the door?"

"As you come in, ask the next person their name and say 'Come in please' and 'Thank you'" [gesture hand coming from your mouth towards the other person, and then back from them to you]

"Knock on the door and say 'Can I come in?'" [mime knocking with knuckles]

"Entrance drill! Today's question is 'What colour is your bag?'"

"Line up against the wall and then you can come in" [show the line where you want them to stand, and then mime squeezing up into that space]

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Classroom Language: Coming into the room
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