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 Things teacher should do

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PostSubject: Things teacher should do   3rd December 2015, 1:19 am

-Offer Opportunities for responsibility
If all responsibility rests with the teacher, then it is not surprising that children behave irresponsibly when not under difrect supervision. Offering children responsibility not only shows them they have the teacher's confidence, it also leads them to realize that what happens in the class is their concern just as much as it is the teacher's.

-Be Punctual
A teacher who arrives late for a class not only sets the children a bad example but also may have to quell a riot before the lesson can begin. Punctuality at the end of the lesson is of equal importance. Children soon resent being constantly late out for break or last in the lunch queue or late for the next lesson

-Focus Attention
General appeals for quiet or order in a classroom are of much less value than calling out the name of the child or children most directly involved, and thus focusing the attention of the class.In the silence that follows, the teacher can then issue further instructions.

Nilubon054 3EN
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PostSubject: Re: Things teacher should do   4th December 2015, 1:20 am

Things teacher should do for me
1. Offer Opportunities for responsibility
It's very important thing for teacher.
2. Be Punctual
like 'I won't come to class late so I am'
3. Focus Attention
It's not really good If the teachers lose their focus.
Thanks for sharing

Pakkapon 031 3EN
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Things teacher should do
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