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 Speaking Activities to Introduce Classroom Language

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PostSubject: Speaking Activities to Introduce Classroom Language   15th September 2015, 2:14 pm

1. Key Vocabulary Items for Your Classroom

Each classroom is different, so spend some time thinking of the important words you want your students to know. Since these are items they’ll be encountering daily, make sure they get introduced either directly or indirectly early on. They may or may not already know some of these words, so don’t be afraid to challenge them and give them many words in the first week. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Supplies: desk, book, paper, pen, pencil, notebook, binder, syllabus, iPad, marker 
Rules: Imperative grammar, don’t, should, must, can, can’t 
People: Student, teacher, classmates, principal, director 
Classroom: clock, board, computer, calendar, poster 
Requests: question formation, bathroom, water, feeling sick 
Respectful words: please, thank you

2. Dialogues and Role Plays

A great way to introduce or review these words is to practice them in dialogues accompanied by pictures. 

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Speaking Activities to Introduce Classroom Language
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