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 Classroom language when using the board

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รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ

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PostSubject: Classroom language when using the board   4th October 2015, 11:19 pm

Before you start writing

"Okay, I'll write the answers for exercise B on the board (as we check them)"

"Shout out any adjectives you can think of, and I'll write them on the board"

"I'm only going to write the words I think are difficult, so please ask me if you have any other questions"

Explaining what you are writing

"The red pen is the meaning of the tense, the part written in black is the name of the tense, and the blue part is the typical mistake/ [If you always use the same colour code] What does the red part (always) mean? And the black part? Good!"

"The right hand column is the object, the middle column is the verb, and the column on the left is the subject"

"This symbol means 'not equal' and this symbol means 'opposite'"

"'Adj' stands for adjective"

"This upside down 'e' letter is called 'schwa'. It's the last sound in 'computer'"

"The part of the sentence in brackets is optional"

"The part in capital letters/ italics is the part of the sentence that needs to be corrected"

"The underlined part is the part that usually stays the same"

Eliciting things onto the board

"What's the next word?"

"Can anyone give me an example sentence?"

"What's this sound? Where is it on the phonemic chart poster?"

While you are at the board

"While I'm cleaning the board/ writing this up, can someone/ everyone take out your books/ move the tables back/ pass out these worksheets?"

Source: http://www.usingenglish.com/articles/classroom-language-when-using-board.html

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Classroom language when using the board
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