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 Teacher-Students interaction

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PostSubject: Teacher-Students interaction   13th October 2015, 8:20 am

Teacher - Student
• Why were you away? Have you been ill?
• What was the matter?
• Please, can you open the door?
• close the windows?
• the shutters?
• Can you turn the lights on / off, please?
• Please, can someone clean the blackboard?
• Just clean this half/section/part/bit/side
• Arrange yourselves to make/ to form/ in groups of 3 /4 /5 /6
• You’ll need the materials/ sheets/ worksheets/ handouts/ books you didn’t finish last week.
• Please, will you give this out, ….?
• Pass these papers back please?
• Take one and pass them on.
• Hand these papers round, please.
Classroom Language
• Excuse me. May I come in?
• Could you speak more slowly please?
• Can you repeat that please? I didn’t understand.
• Sorry, I don’t understand this. What does …… mean in this context?
• How do you say “mesa” in English?
• How do you spell it?
• What’s the difference between ….. and …….?
• I’m sorry, I’ve left my book at home.
• Excuse me. I’m sorry I’m late.
• Can I leave a bit early today, please?
• Can you explain that again, please?
• I didn’t have time to do my homework. I’m sorry.
• It’s time to go.
• See you net lesson.
• Have a nice weekend.
• The same to you.
• Have you finished?
• Not quite. Can I have another two minutes, please?
• Can you help me do this exercise?
• Can you lend me a pen?
• Have you done your homework?
• What homework have we got to do?
• Sorry, I can’t remember your name.
• Can I share your book?
• Where’s Paul today?
• He’s absent.
• What page is it on?
• Can you pass me that paper, please?
• Do we have to work in pairs?
• Who’s going to start?
• Whose turn is it?
• It’s my turn now.
• Sorry, can you say that again?
• Excuse me, that’s my book.
• What do we have to do now?

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Teacher-Students interaction
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