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 Overcoming language cultural in classroom.

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PostSubject: Overcoming language cultural in classroom.   20th October 2015, 12:24 pm

Here are a few simple but handy learning approaches that will work well and help break language barriers and build bonds!

1. One way evidently, is to emphasize communicable language (phrases) rather than the usage of grammar. For example, learning basic phrases / groups of words that are fundamental to communication like: come here, go there, sit down, do this, do that, draw this, write that, see this. These, in any language, can ensure that basic operational words of communication are conveyed and the learner can start to use the new language. Your job then is to build on this. The focus initially therefore can be on implicit language learning rather than explicit grammar learning.
2.Using learning aids like flash cards is another way. This could prove quite useful especially in cases where a child is learning to identify letters/numbers.
3.Another good way is to enact stories rather than read them out. As the saying goes: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.’’ Taking short stories with morals, and with a lot of action, help children understand the central idea of the story and more easily; infer the messages while learning to communicate.
4.Devising activities that involve all children will greatly help them learn the new language. This ensures that all are on a level-playing field. They could be through simple art and craft activities – say drawing on a common theme, watching a movie, listening to or playing music.
5.Games and exercises that call for team work will help them interact with one another. For example, solving puzzles jointly, crossword, spelling bees, guided story writing / narration.
A mix of these could be a handy tool kit for the teacher and the child.

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Overcoming language cultural in classroom.
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