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 Classroom Language : Waiting to start

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PostSubject: Classroom Language : Waiting to start   22nd October 2015, 11:03 pm

Waiting to start

Here are some words/sentences to use in the class before start teaching.
bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

"I'm waiting for you to be quiet/ to settle down/ We won't start until everyone is quiet." [cross arms and look impatient, maybe tapping foot]

"Please stop talking and be quiet" / "(Can everyone please) settle down so we can start." [arms out with palms down, moving slowly up and down]

"(Everyone be) quiet please!" [index finger in front of lips, or zip across lips with thumb and index finger]

"Okay, I'm glad you're excited, but let's calm down a little, shall we?"

"Yes, okay, we'll play the Stations game, but you have to sit down quiet and then doing the normal greetings first."

"I'm still hearing some noise at the back"/ "What's going on back there?" [stretch your neck and/ or stand on toes and look in that direction]

"We have the same thing every week. What am I waiting for?... For you to be quiet, that's right."

"They'll be plenty of time for speaking/ games once the class has started."

"... or would you prefer to start by checking your homework instead?"

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PostSubject: Re: Classroom Language : Waiting to start   29th November 2015, 1:06 am

Also the teacher can order students in the class before start teaching.
For example
-Close your books.
-Put your books away.
-Pack your things away.
-Pay attention, everybody.
-You need pencils/rulers.
-We'll learn how to ...
-Open your books at page...
-Turn to page ...
-Look at activity five.

Tatiya014 3EN
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Classroom Language : Waiting to start
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