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 Classroom language when using the board

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PostSubject: Classroom language when using the board   17th November 2015, 12:41 pm

The students are often passive while the teacher is writing on the board and the teacher has their back to the class and so can't make eye contact with the students to get their attention and check that they are understanding.

Here are some classroom languages when using the board.


"Can everyone read that? What about the people at the back?"

"Is my writing big enough?"

"Don't be shy. I know my handwriting is awful, so tell me if you can't read anything"

"Is that colour okay?"

"Please tell me if the reflection on the board is a problem"

"Do you know what this word means?"

"Can I wipe that off now?"

"Has everyone finished copying it down?"

"Have you finished with this part? Can I erase just this section?"

Adding extra information

"Let me give you an extra example."

"I'll write the phonemic symbols on to help you"

"Let me mark every syllable as well as the main stress. That should help"

Asking students to copy things down

"Can you copy (just) the table into your notebooks?"

"You don't have to copy everything down, just whatever you really think is important"

"The parts I have underlined/ circled will probably be in the exam, so I suggest you write those bits down"

"No translations! Copy the English explanations and examples from the board!"

"There's no need to copy this down, it's all in your books. (We'll have a look at it later)"

"I'll give you time to copy it all down later"

Referring to the board later

"We don't say 'He do', do we? Have a look at the examples on the board."

"You will probably have noticed that the answers to the first two questions are already on the board"

"The example sentences from earlier all refer to the pictures in your book. Match the pictures there with the sentences on the board"

"You can use the information on the board to fill in the table in your books/ to correct the sentences on the worksheet"

Dealing with people who can't see

"Can you see the board better when I turn this light off?"

"Do you think closing the blinds/ curtains might help?"

"Maybe if you sat nearer the front..."

"Is it better if I use a black pen instead of a red one?"

"Okay, I'll try to write bigger."

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Classroom language when using the board
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