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 Dealing problems when using the whiteboard or blackboard.

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PostSubject: Dealing problems when using the whiteboard or blackboard.    17th November 2015, 12:48 pm

Sometime you have some problems that you never expect.
How do you deal with it?

Let's see some situation about the problems when using the whiteboard or blackboard.

Drawing their attention to things you have written up when they weren't looking

"The answers to that exercise are written up on the board mixed up to help you."

"I've written the rules of the game up on the board"

"This bit up here is the instructions for the listening task. Please do this, and not the task in your books"

"Here are some useful phrases you can use while you are playing the game"

Dealing with other problems

"Whoops, (I) dropped my pen!"

"Oh dear, (I) didn't mean to erase that part!"

"Sorry, I've mixed up the two meanings of 'will'. This one is a prediction and this one is a spontaneous intention. Can you change that in your books?"

"I'll just check the spelling of that word in my dictionary."

"You're right! I always have problems spelling that word"

"Can someone go to the staffroom and get me some more pens/ chalk?"

"I've lost the board rubber/ pen cap. Did anyone see where I put it?"

"There doesn't seem to be a board eraser. Does anyone have any tissue I can borrow?"

"Some idiot has used permanent marker on the board. Sorry about his, but we'll just have to use the right hand side for today"

If students are using the board

"Don't worry; this kind of pen will wash right off"

"You've got pen on your fingers. Do you want to go to the bathroom and wash it off?"

"You've got chalk dust on the back of your skirt. There's just a little bit left. Can someone help her brush it off?"

"Sorry, can you write a little bit bigger? Some people at the back can't see."

"Can anyone help Janet spell that word?"

"Can you pass the pen to the next person?"

"A little bit higher/ lower/further to the right"

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Dealing problems when using the whiteboard or blackboard.
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