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 Classroom Language: Classroom materials

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: Classroom materials   22nd November 2015, 7:36 pm

Classroom materials
Encourage the use of English when referring to classroom materials. They are a great source of new vocabulary for all content areas.

• A sheet of paper. Has everyone got a sheet of paper?
• The textbooks. Put your textbooks in your schoolbags.
• The activity books. The activity books are on the shelf.
• The workbook. Pepe, collect in the workbooks, please.
• A flashcard. The flashcards go in that box.
• A poster. Help me stick this poster on the wall.
• A dictionary. Do you need a dictionary?
• Your picture dictionary. Draw it in your picture dictionary.
• The calendar. Hang the calendar next to the door.
• The weather chart. Let’s all look at the weather chart.
• The chalk. A piece of chalk. The chalk is finished.
• Some plasticine. Get some plasticine and make an animal.
• The crayons. The crayons are Laura’s.
• Felt tips. The felt tips are dry.
• Coloured pencils. Colour it in with your coloured pencils.

I hope that is useful for you.

Tatiya014  3EN
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Classroom Language: Classroom materials
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