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 Classroom Language : Introduction

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PostSubject: Classroom Language : Introduction   25th November 2015, 12:06 am

Introduction is an important part when we start studying.
And it is an important role of the teacher as well to get attention from students.
Here are some words/sentences to use in the classroom for introduction.

"My name is Mr/Mrs/Ms Kim. I'm your new English teacher/ I'm your English teacher this year/ this term/ today.
(Can you ask me some questions, e.g. where I'm from and my free time?)"

"I'll just introduce myself first"

"I've got five lessons with you each week."

"I'm covering for your usual teacher (today/ this week). He/ she has a cold"

"I'm new to this school, so please be nice to me, ha ha!"

"Your last teacher told me you are the best class, so I hope that is true!"

"Can you all introduce yourselves to me?"

"Can you tell me and the rest of the class two or three things about the person sitting next to you?"

"Let's introduce ourselves, shall we?"

"This is my name at the top of the board, it's pronounced…"
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PostSubject: Re: Classroom Language : Introduction   29th November 2015, 12:05 am

Thank you so much and don't forget to greet students.
Here are some greeting words.

"How are we all today?"
"How are you (today)?"
"How are things?"
"How's life?"
"Did you have any trouble getting here? "
"How's the weather outside now?"
"(Did you have a) busy day at work?"
"(Did you have a) good weekend? Did anyone do anything different/ interesting/ exciting?/ John, you said you were going to.... How was it?"
"Did you enjoy your holiday?"

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Classroom Language : Introduction
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