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 Class room language : Chit chat

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PostSubject: Class room language : Chit chat   29th November 2015, 10:06 pm

When we are going to end the class, the teachers can use these words.

“What are your plans for the weekend?”
“The weekend starts here!”
“You’ll all be wanting to get home to watch the big match”
“Does anyone know the weather forecast for tomorrow?”
“So, apart from your homework what are your plans?”

Yolradee 033 3EN
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PostSubject: Re: Class room language : Chit chat   3rd December 2015, 12:08 am

"Long time no see, Eddy. How was your holiday?/ Does anyone have any questions for Eddy about his holiday?"

"Did you enjoy your holiday?"

"Did anyone notice my haircut/ tan/ sunburn/ broken arm/ new suit? Any questions (about my evening/ weekend)?" [point at noticeable thing]

"Jimmy, you wanted to ask me a question. Can you ask it now?/ Can you ask that question to everyone in the class?"

"You (all) look tired/ hot/ cold"

"Is it hot/ cold/ humid/ snowing/ raining outside (at the moment)?" [mime rain or snow falling from sky, fanning yourself, or shivering]

"Are you (all) feeling better today?"

"Are you looking forward to...?"

Here is another chitchat for using in the classroom

Nutchanon 010 3EN
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Class room language : Chit chat
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