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 Classroom language: Keys to Effective Reinforcing Language

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Keys to Effective Reinforcing Language   29th November 2015, 11:53 pm

Keys to Effective Reinforcing Language

- Name concrete and specific behaviors. Rather than saying a global "Good job!" or "Nice work," tell students what they specifically did well so they know what to keep doing and build upon.

Instead of: "Your spelling shows progress."
Try: "You remembered to change the 'y' to 'i' when adding 'ed.' "

- De-emphasize your personal approval. Emphasize what the student did. Otherwise, students may focus more on pleasing you than on improving their skills.

Instead of: "I'm so pleased with the way you added key details to your main point."
Try: "You added key details to your main point. That helps your audience understand and be persuaded."

- Avoid holding one student up as an example for others. The student held up may feel triumphant, but the others are likely to feel devalued or criticized. And the student held up may even feel embarrassed.

Instead of: "Notice how Glenda used four sources for her research project. Let's see all of you do that."
Try: To Glenda privately: "You used at least three sources as we learned to do. That makes your research credible."

- Find positives to reinforce in all students. Every child has strengths. Over time, every child should feel that we see and appreciate their positive actions and attitudes.

Instead of: Using reinforcing language with only the students who do proficient work, are the first to get organized, or are otherwise the "best"
Try: To a student who struggles but made a strong effort: "You read three pages during readers' workshop today. What helped you concentrate?"

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Classroom language: Keys to Effective Reinforcing Language
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