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 Classroom language: Keys to Effective Redirecting Language

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Keys to Effective Redirecting Language   30th November 2015, 12:02 am

Keys to Effective Redirecting Language

- Be direct and specific. When children are far enough into a mistake to need a redirection, they need to hear exactly what you want them to do differently.
• Instead of: "Casey, you need to work harder."
• Try: "Casey, put your watch away and continue with your assignment right now."

- Say what to do, instead of what not to do. Saying what not to do may sound like a complaint or an attack on students' character, and many students may miss what we're wanting them to do. Naming the desired behavior is clear and respectful of children.
• Instead of: "Class, stop wasting everyone's time."
• Try: "Freeze. Everyone return to your seat with your folder. Then we'll start."

- State a redirection as a statement, not a question. A question gives the illusion of choice and can confuse children. It's more respectful to calmly give a statement that tells children exactly what we want them to do.
Instead of: "Anna, could you refocus on your math?"
Try: "Anna, refocus on your math."

- Follow up with action if necessary. Watch to see if the student follows your redirection. If not, give a clearer redirection or take action that helps her return to positive behavior.
• Instead of: Redirecting Anna and then turning away immediately to tend to something else
• Try: Directing Anna to move to a seat close to you (if sitting near classmates seemed to be pulling her off task).
Directing Anna to "take a break" (take a positive time-out) in a place away from the action so she can regain her focus.

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Classroom language: Keys to Effective Redirecting Language
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