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 Useful classroom expressions : Controling the class

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PostSubject: Useful classroom expressions : Controling the class   30th November 2015, 2:26 am

➜ Controlling the class
These expressions are among the first that students learn and start using among themselves spontaneously. Learners like to take on the teacher’s role and control other classmates.
• Please be quiet! Speak quietly! Can’t you speak more softly? No noise, please.
• Stop chatting! Stop speaking! Whisper, don’t shout! Silence! Shut up, will you?
• Please pay attention!
• Don’t do that! Don’t touch! Put that away! • Calm down! Settle down! Sit still!
• Juan, stop bothering David!
• Stop playing with your pencil.
• Stop talking and watch the video.
• Stop talking and listen, please.

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Useful classroom expressions : Controling the class
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