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 Classroom Language: The end of the lesson

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: The end of the lesson   30th November 2015, 3:24 am

1. Time to stop

It's almost time to stop.
I'm afraid it's time to finish now.
We'll have to stop here.
There's the bell. It's time to stop.
That's all for today. You can go now.

2. Not time to stop.

The bell hasn't gone yet.
There are still two minutes to go.
We still have a couple ofminutes left.
The lesson doesn't finish till five past.
Your watch must be fast.
We seem to have finished early.
We have an extra five minutes.
Sit quietly until the bell goes.

3. Wait a minute

Hang on a moment.
Just hold on a moment.
Stay where you are for a moment.
Just a moment, please.
One more thing before you go.
Back to your places.

4. Next time

We'll do the rest of this chapter next time.
We'll finish this exercise next lesson.
We've run out of time, so we'll continue next lesson.
We'll continue this chapter next Monday.

5. Homework

This is your homework for tonight.
Do exercise 10 on page 23 for your homework.
Prepare the next chapter for Monday.
There is no homework tonight.
Remember your homework.
Take a worksheet as you leave.

6. Goodbye

Goodbye, everyone.
See you again next Wednesday.
See you tomorrow afternoon.
See you in room 7 after the break.
Have a good holiday.
Enjoy your vacation..

7. Leaving the room
Get into a queue.
Form a queue and wait for the bell.
Everybody outside!
All of you, get outside now!
Hurry up and get out!
try not to make any noise as you leave.
Be quiet as you leave. Other classes are still working.

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Classroom Language: The end of the lesson
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