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 Discussion questions/ thinking points 1

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PostSubject: Discussion questions/ thinking points 1   30th November 2015, 10:11 am

-Would you use all of the stages above?

-Would you use them in the same order or not? Why?

-Are there any stages that you usually do in L1 rather than English?

-Could you switch to English? Why/ why not?  

-For the stages you would use, which of the phrases in that section would you choose to use now
with your classes?  

-Which phrase would be the next level up once they have got the hang of that phrase?  

-How can you get the students using that classroom language too?

-Once students get used to the routine of using such stages in the lesson, it is possible to use a    
much more difficult phrase with the students guessing from context  what you mean.

-Would your classes benefit from you doing that? 

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Discussion questions/ thinking points 1
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