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 Discussion questions/ thinking points 2

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PostSubject: Discussion questions/ thinking points 2   30th November 2015, 10:13 am

- What do you think about doing choral greetings?

-One problem with choral greetings is that students sound uninterested or even rude, even when
saying things like “Have a good weekend”? How can you remedy this?

-What do you think about teaching slangy expressions like “Catch you later” in your classes?

-Students often make a mistake saying “Good night”  when they mean “Good evening” or “Goodbye”? How could you explain the mistake to your classes?

-Another typical mistake is “See you on Monday” “Yes, see you later”. How could you explain why this is a mistake in simple language?

-How could you explain the difference between “See you then” and “See you, then”?

-Which phrases are unsuitable for the age ranges you are teaching?

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Discussion questions/ thinking points 2
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