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 How can classroom language be taught?

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PostSubject: How can classroom language be taught?   30th November 2015, 12:06 pm

When teaching classroom language, there are several strategies a teacher can employ to facilitate the learning:

1.Teach the students the classroom language in a scaffolded way. Start with short commands, maybe just one word such as “Sit”. Then the teacher can progress to a longer command, such as “Sit down please” and eventually students can learn alternate phrases that mean the same think, for example “Take a seat”.

2.Make sure the students know what this language is for. Don’t leave them out of the learning process; they should know that the more they use the language, the more they will develop and that these forms are meant to help use the language in the most natural way possible.

3.Once you introduce the concepts, use them! Employ them as much as possible so the students become accustomed to them and eventually are able to use them as well.
Use prompts such as language ladders or visuals to help students learn and remember the classroom language. The web site Encouraging Classroom Language Use discusses several different types of prompts that can be used.

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How can classroom language be taught?
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