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 Classroom Language: Instructions for the Games- Verb/Grammar Games

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: Instructions for the Games- Verb/Grammar Games   30th November 2015, 7:14 pm

There are interesting games here!!! that you can train your student with grammar games below!!!

• Students each receive two papers with 20 x 20 grids.
• The rows and columns on the grid are labeled in various ways (see below). The classic game has letters for the rows and numbers for the columns.
• On one of the grids, each places five ships – one that covers five spaces, one four, two three, and one two. This grid shows the placement of their own ships and should remain hidden from the other player.
• Once both players have placed their ships, play begins.
• The first player guesses a grid location (ex. B-5).
• If the other player has that square colored in, he/she says “Hit” (and the guesser colors in the block on the second grid page). If the square is blank, he/she says “Miss” (and the guesser puts an X in the square). If a player has guessed all of the squares for a ship, the other player says “Hit and Sink” because that ship has been sunk.
• The other player then takes a turn guessing a location.
• The first player to sink all five of the other player’s ships wins.
• Grid ideas:
o ABC on the side, numbers on the top (Player calls B-5 to guess location)
o Pronouns and nouns down the side, infinitives along the top (Player calls Marie chante to guess location)
o Pronouns/Nouns with form of “to be” on the side, adjectives along the top (adjective must agree in gender and number to guess the spot)

Conjugation Game
• Split the class into two teams.
• Give the verb, for example ir in the preterite.
• The first person on Team One gives the yo form, the second the tú form, etc. If the team completes the whole conjugation they receive 1 pt per correct form given (6 pts.) and 3 bonus points for doing the complete conjugation. If the team misses on the third form, they receive 2 points for getting the first two forms correct and then Team Two starts the conjugation (of the same verb) from the first form.
• It goes back and forth until one teams does the whole conjugation.
• This game depends a lot on listening so everyone pays attention. Students goodnaturedly boo a teammate if the verb has already said by the other team and he missed it because he wasn't paying attention.

Pronoun & verb card practice

• First you have to make laminated pronoun cards for the language. (Je, tu, il, elle, on, Marie et Paul, nous, vous, etc)- you can be creative with these (e.g. Jennifer Lopez et moi). There need to be a set of these for each table. I divide the class into groups of 4. Pass out a set of pronoun cards to each table, then give a different verb to each table (aimer, etre, aller, whatever). They practice conjugating their verb for 5 minutes (or less). They have to make sure everyone in their group can conjugate the verb, by quizzing each other.
• Now the game begins. Each table is playing against the others. You are the scorekeeper at the board. You then start with first person at table one. Hold up a subject pronoun. Tell them, the verb is "demander". They have to answer the correct form of the verb (e.g. nous demandons). I prefer to have them write it on a whiteboard & hold it up, but you could try it orally-have the student spell out the answer (in the TL of course). If that person is right, the team gets 1 point.
• Now you move to person 1 at Table two. The verb is aller., The pronoun is Jennifer Lopez et moi. Person 1 at table two must supply the correct answer. If he can't, no point is earned. You move to the next table. Believe it or not, the kids LOVE this game, especially when there is a weak kid at the table. You can use it for different tenses, different conjugations of verbs, what ever you want. Keep going around the room until each person at each table has had at least one turn.

Dice game for verb conjugation
• Use 2 dice (preferably of 2 different colors).
• On the board, number from 1 to 6 in two columns, A and B. Under the A column, put a different infinitive by each number. Under B, put different subjects.
• The first die determines the verb and the second determines the subject.
• One team rolls the dice. The person who rolled must give the correct verb form.
• If they say the form correctly they win the total they shook on the dice. If they don't say the form correctly they get nothing.
• Doubles gets the student another turn, but 3 doubles in a row and they lose all points from their turn.

Hope this useful!!
More details: http://ms.loganhocking.k12.oh.us/~madame/teacher/presentations/Games.html

Dolnapa 051 3EN
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Classroom Language: Instructions for the Games- Verb/Grammar Games
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