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 25 common instructions

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PostSubject: 25 common instructions    30th November 2015, 7:21 pm

Here are 25 common instructions which the class can easily understand.

1. Hand in your homework.

2. Take out a piece of paper.

3. Check your answers.

4. Correct your mistakes.

5. Work on your own.

6. Have you all finished?

7. Put away your books.

8. Look at the picture.

9. What's this in English?

10. Repeat after me.

11. How do you spell "......" ?

12. Find yourself a seat.

13. Back to your seats.

14. Can you come to the front of the class, please?

15. Stand up and make groups of four.

16. Sit in the same teams as before.

17. We're going to do pair work.

18. Put your desks back where they were.

19. Line up in order of height, from shortest to tallest.

20. Who is missing?

21. Listen while I call your names.

22. Shout out 'present' if you are here.

23. I'm waiting for you to be quiet.

24. We won't start until everyone is quiet.

25. I'm still hearing some noise at the back.

I hope this is useful for you.

Tatiya014 3EN

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25 common instructions
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