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 Classroom language: To show improvement

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PostSubject: Classroom language: To show improvement    30th November 2015, 7:59 pm

Here are some phrases that can be used when students improve.

To show improvement
‘That’s better!’
‘That’s better – well done!’
To encourage progress
‘That’s nearly right – try again!’
‘That’s almost right – try again!’
'That's more like it.'
'That's much better.'
'That's a lot better.'
'You've improved a lot.'
'You were almost right.'
'That's almost it.'
'You're halfway there.'
'You've almost got it.'
'You're on the right lines'

** ‘Not quite right – try again!’
‘Not quite right – will someone else try!’
‘Not quite right …(Name)…, you try!’
‘No – that’s not right. Try again!’
‘No – that’s not right. Will someone else try!’
'Not really.'
'Unfortunately not.'
'I'm afraid that's not quite right.'
'You can't say that, I'm afraid.'
'You can't use that word here.'
'Good try, but not quite right.'
'Have another try.'
'Not quite right. Try again.'
'Not exactly.'

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PostSubject: Re: Classroom language: To show improvement    2nd December 2015, 9:47 pm

Thank you for sharing good things! I think this is such a good way for motivating students to improve themselves. I think we like to use these kind of word to encourage students, right? and in my real career, these are very good and important for me.

Patnarin029 3EN
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Classroom language: To show improvement
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