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 Commands with 'the'

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PostSubject: Commands with 'the'   30th November 2015, 8:09 pm

Commands with 'the':

- Touch the table!
- Touch the chair!
- Touch the wall!

- Push the desk!
- Push the table!
- Push the cupboard!

- Pull the chair!
- Pull the desk!
- Pull the table!

- Carry the book!
- Carry the box!
- Carry the basket!

- Hold the glass!
- Hold the cup!
- Hold the pen!

- Throw the ball!
- Throw the stick!
- Throw the tin!

- Catch the ball!
- Catch the bird!
- Catch the fish!

- Close the windows/ door!
- Shut the windows/ door!
- Open the windows/ door!

- Sweep the floor!

Reference: Lee Kok Cheong and James Villanueva. Language Learning and Teaching Strategies. Singapore:
               Pan Pacific Book Distributors (S) Pte Ltd, 1983.

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Commands with 'the'
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