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 How To Get Your Students To Listen To You

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PostSubject: How To Get Your Students To Listen To You   1st December 2015, 3:58 pm

How To Get Your Students To Listen To You by Michael Linsin on March 20, 2010

“Simple first” strategy

Give your students a series of simple, meaningless directions. Make them physical in nature and that everyone in the room can see being done.

For example, you might start by saying:

Stand up.

Say it once and wait until everyone is standing. Then give another direction.

Sit down.

Now add slight complexity.

Stand behind your chair.

Keep it going until every student is following your verbal directions quickly and correctly.

Touch your hands to your shoulders. Cross your arms. Sit down. Place your hands flat on your desk.

If at this point all of your students are following along, slide in your important directions.

Take out your math book. Open to page 32. Look at me.

Keys To Remember

It’s important to remember the following keys to make the “simple first” strategy most effective.

1. Stand in one place.
2. Give one direction at a time.
3. Don’t repeat yourself.
4. Pause between each direction.
5. Don’t model the direction; use voice instruction only.
5. Speak in a normal voice—volume on low.
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PostSubject: Re: How To Get Your Students To Listen To You   1st December 2015, 4:19 pm

There are many ways to get students to listen to you.
Here I will give you more example.
  Good morning everyone,
  Hi everybody
  Good morning, how are you doing?
  How are you today?

  Did you have a good weekend?

Sudarat 059  3EN
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How To Get Your Students To Listen To You
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