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 Classroom Language: Organising students’ learning activity

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รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: Organising students’ learning activity   1st December 2015, 6:49 pm

Again, please.
All right, thank you.
Begin with a question word.
Copy me.
Do it like this.
Do it this way.
Do what I’m doing.
Do you need my help?
Do you understand the way I do it?
Don’t disturb your neighbor.
First I’ll explain what and how we should do it.
Here’s an appropriate example.
I didn’t quite catch what you said.
I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.
Let’s start working.
Like this, not like that, please.
Not so loud, please.
Not so quickly, I can’t follow, I’m afraid.
OK, that’s enough.
Once again but louder.
Once again but not fluently, please.
Once again, please.
Once more.
Pardon? What was that?
Please, work individually.
Say it a bit louder.
Say it again, but this time louder.
Say it again, please.
Say it louder, please.
Say it once more.
Say that so that we can hear you.
Shall I explain it once again?
So much for the time being.
Softer, please.
Sorry, I can’t hear you.
Sorry? What did you say?
Speak more clearly, please.
Speak up.
Stop for the time being.
That’s enough for now.
That’s fine, thank you.
The whole sentence, please.
This is how we shall do it.
This time we shall …
Three students in each group, please.
Try it again from the very beginning.
Try to do it exactly the same way as I’m doing it.
Try to work independently.
Wait a little, please. Stop now.
Watch me doing it.
Watch me first.
Will you form groups, please?
Work by yourselves.
Work in groups of four.
Work in pairs.
Work in threes.
Work on your own.
Work together with your friend.
You will have to finish soon.
You’ll have to stop in a minute.

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Classroom Language: Organising students’ learning activity
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