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 Classroom language: Things students might say to teacher

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รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ
รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Things students might say to teacher   1st December 2015, 7:18 pm

These are classroom language that student use with teacher.
Hope this post will be useful!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Pardon? / Sorry?

What does “chair” mean?

How do you say “X” in English?

How do you spell “...”?

How do you say “...”?

What’s the meaning of “...”?

Is this correct? / right?

What is the past of “go”?

How do you pronounce this word?

What exactly do we have to do?

Excuse me. May / Can I come in?

Could you speak more slowly, please?

I’m sorry, I’m late / Sorry I’m late

May / Can I go to the toilet, please?

Can you repeat (that), please?

Can you help me, please?

Is this right / wrong?

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Classroom language: Things students might say to teacher
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