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 Useful classroom language for moving around in class and action games

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PostSubject: Useful classroom language for moving around in class and action games   1st December 2015, 9:17 pm

Gestures and body language 
“Do the (English) gesture for ‘be quiet’/ ‘stop’/ ‘please’. Can you remember what it is?” 
“What does this gesture mean?... Good. Can you do the gesture and say what it means at the same time?” 
“Put your finger on your lips… Good, but pointing up… Got it. Now, what does that mean?”

Moving desks and chairs 
“Move two/ three/ four desks together and put your chairs around them” 
“Push all the desks back against the walls”/ “Move your tables back (without making a noise/ one at a time starting at the front)”
 “Put your desks back where they were” 
“Put your desks into two lines/ rows with your chairs behind/ in front of them” 
“Leave your desks where they are and bring all your seats to the front”
 “Turn your chairs round (to face the…)”/ “Turn back to face the front” 
“Can you two take this table and move it over there? Thank you”
 “Any volunteers to move these tables?” 
“This table’s in the way, isn’t it? Where can we move it? Is there any space over there?”
“Move your chairs (and tables) so you can all see the TV/ whiteboard/ students performing at the front” 
“Move them (a bit) further back/ forward/ left/ right/ apart/ closer together/ towards the board” 
“Leave enough space to move around/ walk between the board and your desk” 
“Let’s make a (big) space in the middle/ at the front/ at the back/ in the corner of the classroom” 
“Please make sure the desks are straight”

Standing up and sitting down 
“Stand up”/ “Everybody up (out of your seats)”/ “Stand behind your tables/ next to your desks/ in the aisles” 
“Sit down”/ “Take a seat”/ “Back to your seats”/ “You may sit down (now)”/ “Find yourself a seat”/ “Sit up straight/ properly”

“Make sure you don’t touch/ knock over the OHP/ fish tank” 
“Don’t touch the wall too hard (or you could go through!)” 
“(Be careful.) There’s a sharp corner here” 
“Remember that someone hurt themselves on this/ in this game last week” 
“If you push, someone will get hurt” 
“You’ll hurt yourself if you do that again” 

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Useful classroom language for moving around in class and action games
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