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 Menu of 100 English Phrases to Use in Class: (Interrogative Phrases (Questions))

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PostSubject: Menu of 100 English Phrases to Use in Class: (Interrogative Phrases (Questions))   1st December 2015, 9:22 pm

Interrogative Phrases (Questions) 
1. How are you? 
2. What class did you just have? 
3. What class do you have next? 
4. What time is it? 
5. What is today’s date? 
6. When does the bell ring? 
7. Is today a regular day, or is there a special schedule? 
8. Is the teacher here today? 
9. Who is the substitute? 
10. Is he/she nice? 
11. What did he/she say? 
12. I mistakenly forgot to bring all of my supplies; may I please borrow a pencil? 
13. I brought extra supplies; would you like to borrow a piece of paper? 
14. What is the homework? 
15. Did you finish your homework? 
16. Will you help me? 
17. Do you know the answer to ________? 
18. How did you arrive at that answer? 
19. What’s for lunch today? 
20. Do you want to have lunch with me today? 
21. Would you like to go to a movie/come over to my house this weekend/today after school? 
22. Do you have to work today? 
23. What did you do after school yesterday? 
24. Did you drive to school today? 
25. Where do you live? 
26. What is your phone number? 
27. How has your day been so far? 
28. Who is your favorite teacher? 
29. What is your favorite class? 
30. Do you like ________?

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Menu of 100 English Phrases to Use in Class: (Interrogative Phrases (Questions))
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