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 Lesson and Student Evaluation

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PostSubject: Lesson and Student Evaluation   2nd December 2015, 3:47 am

The first consideration when it comes to evaluation is that it should be meaningful and fair. Too often, teachers create tests or assignments with little regard to practical time restrictions or pedagogical considerations (not matching the test to material covered in class or making a test or assignment simply to fill the grading book).
Having two teachers makes evaluation, both in and out of class, much easier.

Once you have a one-year plan for student evaluation, you can determine how your in-class evaluation will work. Some teachers like to assign participation grades, or make notes of which students answered questions. While Teacher A asks a student to answer a question Teacher B records the student participation in a grading book.

Outside of class, having two teachers clearly reduces the correcting workload. At many schools, there is only one NSA and many NNSLTs. Consequently, without adequate inter-departmental management of the NSA’s correcting workload, they can easily become overburdened.

Here are a few other key points about evaluation to keep in mind:

1. Work together to make tests and assignments based on what and how you have been teaching to ensure consistency and fairness to students.
2.Evaluate students based on a mutually agreed up system.
3.Keep up your communication with frequent checks of how you are progressing, always keeping in mind the objectives you set out together.
4.Work together to change things that are not working as you go along.
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Lesson and Student Evaluation
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