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 classroom language: 10 things you might be saying wrong

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PostSubject: classroom language: 10 things you might be saying wrong   2nd December 2015, 2:14 pm

Here’s a list of common grammar and vocabulary mistakes that novice teachers sometimes make.

1. Open your books on page 20.
Use to instead: Open your books to page 20. At is also possible in British English.

2. OK! Time’s over!
At the end of a game or timed activity, say Time’s up.

3. Do you want me to explain you the rule again?
You explain something to someone: Do you want me to explain the rule to you again? Or simply: Do you want me to explain the rule again? Remember: Explain me / him / her etc. is wrong.

4. Pay attention in the example.
You should say Pay attention to the example. You can also say Pay attention in class (=pay attention when you’re in class).

5. Ask question four to Raul, please.
Most verbs followed by two objects can take either to (She gave me a present = She gave a present to me) or for (She bought me flowers = She bought flowers for me). Ask is different. With ask, don’t use to or for: Ask Raul question four, please.

6. Today we’re going to discuss about politics.

You discuss something, not about something: Today we’re going to discuss politics.

7. These are slangs.
Slang is uncountable. Say These are examples of slang. Remember: a slang is wrong. Say a slang word / term. By the way, evidence is uncountable too: Please find the evidence / a piece of evidence in the text.

8. I gave you a homework last class, didn’t I?
Homework is uncountable. Say I gave you some homework. You can also say a piece of homework / two homework assignments. By the way, you can also assign homework.


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classroom language: 10 things you might be saying wrong
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