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 Classroom: Expressions Seeking Clarification

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PostSubject: Classroom: Expressions Seeking Clarification    2nd December 2015, 10:01 pm

First: Expressing Lack of Understanding
 I’m not sure I’m getting this.
 I don’t understand exactly what you mean.
 I'm sorry, I don't quite follow.

Second: Asking for More Information
 So, what are you trying to say?
 Do you mean that ____________________?
 I didn’t quite catch that last/first part? Could you go over it again, please?
 Would you mind explaining that a little more, please?
 Could you explain that more fully, please?
 Could you tell us a bit more about that, please?
 What are you getting at?
 What are you driving at?

Restating Your Own Ideas
 In other words, ______________________.
 To put it another way, _________________.
 That is to say, _______________________.
 The point I'm trying make is that _________.
 What I'm saying is that ________________.
 I mean (that) ________________________.

Paraphrasing Another Person's Ideas
 What Tony means is (that) _____________.
 What Cathy is trying say is that __________.

Offering Clarification
 Are you following me?
 Are you with me?
 Do you understand so far?
 Does this make sense to you?

Giving an opinion
 In my opinion, ______________________.
 As far as I'm concerned, ______________.
 Personally, I believe that ______________.
 As I see it, __________________________.

Inquiring about Agreement or Disagreement
 What do you think about this point?
 What’s your opinion about _______?
 Do/Don't you agree, José?
 George, wouldn't you agree?

Expressing Agreement
 Yes, that is right/true.
 You are right.
 I definitely/completely agree with Tom.
 That's exactly what I think.
 I agree with that.
 I couldn’t agree more.

Expressing Disagreement Start with this:
 To be frank, . . .
 To tell the truth, . . .

Followed by one of these:
 I don't really agree with you on that point.
 I'm afraid I can't agree with that.
 That's not how I see it.

More Polite
 I can see your point, but I don't really agreewith it.
 That’s more or less true, but ____________.
 I understand what you mean, but _________.
 Yes, but isn’t it also true that __________.
 I guess you could say that, but __________.

Expressing Doubt or Lack of Knowledge
 Well, . . . maybe, . . . but I'm doubtful about that.
 Hmmmm, . . . you may be right, but I'm not sure.
 I can see his point, but I don't know if I agree with it.
 Are you sure that’s correct?
 I find that hard to believe.
 Do you really believe that?

Informal and more direct:
 Are you serious?
 Get out of here?
 I’ll believe that when I see it.
 Ah, come on!
 Ah, you’

Lack of Knowledge
 I’m afraid I don’t know.
 I’m sorry, but I have no idea.

 I haven’t a clue.
 I haven’t the foggiest idea.
 It’s beyond me.

Bringing in Other People
 What do you think about Abdul’s idea, Hiroko?
 What is your opinion, Sam?
 Ted, what do you think we should do?
 Joel, what are your views on this subject?

Keeping the Discussion Moving
 Let's go on another point.
 To bring up another point, let's talk about __.

 Excuse me for interrupting, but __________.
 Sorry to interrupt, but _________________.
 If I could interrupt, ___________________.

Getting a Point in the Discussion
(Taking the Floor)
 I have a point I‘d like make.
 I'd like to add something here.
 I'd like to say something about your idea.
 Could I just add something here?
 That’s true, but ____________________.
 Hold on there.
 Yeah, but _________________________.

Keeping the Floor
 Just a minute, please.
 Could I just please finish my thought.
 Let me finish what I am trying to say (before I lose my train of thought).
 Let me just say one thing more.

Making Suggestions
 I suggest that we/you __________________.
 Why don't we/you ____________________?
 How about _________________________?
 Wouldn't it be a good idea to ___________?

Persuading. Convincing, and Strengthening Arguments
 You must admit that __________________.
 Don't forget that _____________________.
 Let's all remember that ________________.
 In addition to that, ____________________.
 Another thing, _______________________.
 Not only that, but ____________________.
 What’s more, ________________________.
 I might add that ______________________.

Refuting a Fact
 Actually, ___________________________.
 As a matter of fact, ___________________.
 Well, I'm not sure that's correct because ___.

Dismissing an Irrelevant Point
 I'm afraid you're missing the point.
 I don't see what that has to do with the goal of our discussion.

 I guess you’re right (after all).
 You’ve convinced me.
 I’ll go along with that.
 Maybe you’re right.
 Perhaps you’re right in this case.
 I’ll buy that.

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Classroom: Expressions Seeking Clarification
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