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 Classroom Language : Organization

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PostSubject: Classroom Language : Organization   2nd December 2015, 10:30 pm


Giving instructions
• Open your books at page 52.
• Come out and write it on the board.
• Listen to the tape, please.
• Get into groups of four.
• Finish off this song at home.
• Let's sing a song.
• Everybody, please.
• All together now.
• The whole class, please.
• I want you all to join in.
• Could you try the next one?
• I would like you to write this down.
• Would you mind switching the lights on?
• It might be an idea to leave this till next time.
• Who would like to read?
• Which topic will your group report on?
• Do you want to answer question 3?

• First of all, today, ...
• Right. Now we will go on to the next exercise.
• Have you finished?
• For the last thing today, let's ...
• Whose turn is it to read?
• Which question are you on?
• Next one, please.
• Who hasn't answered yet?
• Let me explain what I want you to do next.
• The idea of this exercise is for you to ...
• You have ten minutes to do this.
• Your time is up.
• Finish this by twenty to eleven.
• Can you all see the board?
• Have you found the place?
• Are you all ready?

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Classroom Language : Organization
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