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 Classroom Language: The language of classroom management

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PostSubject: Classroom Language: The language of classroom management   5th September 2015, 5:03 pm

Classroom Language: The language of classroom management

Here are some common situations in which spontaneous English can be used:
• Make groups of four.
• Move your desks into groups of four people.
• Turn your desks around.
• Make a horseshoe shape with your desks.
• Make a circle with your desks.
• Make a line of desks facing each other.
• Make groups of four desks facing each other.
• Sit back to back.
• Work together with your friend.
• Find a partner.
• Work in pairs/threes/fours/fives.
• Work in groups of two/three/four.
• I want you to form groups.
• Form groups of three.
• Here are some tasks for you to work on in groups of four.
• There are too many in this group.
• Can you join the other group?
• Only three people in each group.
• I asked for four people to a group.
• Everybody work individually.
• Work by yourselves.
• Work independently.
• Ask your neighbour for help.
• Work on the task together.
• Ask other people in the group.
• Ask others in the class.
• Interview someone else.
• Ask everyone in the class.
• Stand up and find another partner.
• Have you finished?
• Do the next activity.
• Move on to the next activity.

Thanks  for your reading!! santa santa rendeer rendeer farao farao

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Classroom Language: The language of classroom management
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