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 How to drill the question and the answer pattern

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PostSubject: How to drill the question and the answer pattern   2nd December 2015, 11:25 pm

How to drill the question and the answer pattern

What’s this?
That’s a glass/ cup/ pen/…

1.The teacher gets about ten student to stand in front of the class. Each student stands behind a specific object on the table.

2.The teacher tells each of the ten students to hold an object in his/ her hand.
The first student will repeat the question pattern:
What’s this?
The class answers as a unit:
That’s a glass.

3.The next student repeats the question:
What’s this?
The class answers:
That’s cup.

4.The question and answer drill carries on until all the object have been used for the oral work.

5.The roles are now reversed. The teacher gets the class to point to the board. The teacher says: Question.

6.The class asks the question:
What’s that?

7.The teacher point at the first student facing the class and says: Answer: The first student answers:
That’s board.

8.The teacher then gets the class to point at the table and the class says:
What’s that?
The second student, who is near the table, says:
This is a table. (The student touches the table.)

9.The oral work carries on with ten different objects in the classroom.
This technique enable the teacher to deal with the contrast between This is and That’s.
There is also more opportunity for students to participate in the oral work than is possible when only one students is asked to handle the ten objects on the table.

Reference: Lee Kok Cheong and James Villanueva. Language Learning and Teaching Strategies. Singapore:
Pan Pacific Book Distributors (S) Pte Ltd, 1983

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How to drill the question and the answer pattern
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