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 Classroom language: Lateness

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Lateness   2nd December 2015, 11:28 pm

"Where have you been?" 

"We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?"

"What time does the class start?... And what time is it now?"

"Sorry, we are in the middle of a listening exercise. Can you wait outside for two minutes until we finish?"

"Did you miss your bus?"/ "Are there still problems with the underground?"/ "Did you get stuck in traffic?"/ "Did you have problems getting a taxi (in the rain)?"

"Did you oversleep?"/ "(Is your) alarm clock broken (again)?"

"Don't let it happen again."

"It's okay, but come in quickly/ quietly so we can get on with class"

"Don't worry, but try to be on time next time"

"You missed the progress test, so you'll need to do that another time"

"You can do the part you missed for homework"

"Can someone explain what we are doing to Jose Maria?"

"Where were we?"/ "Right, let's get back to/ get on with..."

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Classroom language: Lateness
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