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 Classroom language: Test

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Test   2nd December 2015, 11:32 pm


"Today is the test, remember. 
So, I want you to come in without speaking and take out just one pencil and one eraser. 
No books and no pieces of paper. Got it? 
How many books are you allowed?... No, Sabrina, not a hundred. 
Yes, okay, a thousand, very funny. Seriously. How many books?... Yup, zero, none. 
When you've got your pencil and eraser out of your bag, put your bags at the back of the classroom. Ready? 
Quietly, come in one at a time."

"Any questions before the test starts?"

"Today's the test, but we'll do something else for 10 or 15 minutes to give other people a chance to get here"

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Classroom language: Test
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