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 Classroom Language : Taking the register (= roll call)

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Classroom Language : Taking the register (= roll call) Empty
PostSubject: Classroom Language : Taking the register (= roll call)   Classroom Language : Taking the register (= roll call) Empty3rd December 2015, 3:39 pm

Taking the register (= roll call)

"Who is absent today? / Who isn't here today?" [looking around class at/ for empty chairs whilst holding class list in hand or miming doing so]

"Oh, John's away. Does anyone know why? Is he ill?"/ "What's the matter with Stefano today? / What's wrong with Jim today?"/ "Where's Tony? He didn't look very well yesterday, so maybe he's sick./ In this weather, maybe he's gone to the beach." / "Does anyone know where Hyo Young is?/ Any idea why Hyo Young is absent?"

"So everyone is here except..."

"So, only two people away."

"Let's take the register."/ "Let's check to see who is here."

"Remember to answer 'I'm here'"

"Is everybody here?"/ "Is anyone away?"/ "No one absent today?"

"So, Su Young isn't back yet. Does anyone know when she'll be back/ what has happened to her/ if she's dropped out of the class?"

"There are a few empty chairs. Who is missing?"

"Not many people here today. Is there a bug going round?"

"Oh yes, Juanes said he was going to miss this lesson, didn't he? Can any remember where he said he was going?"

"Let's see if everyone is here"

"Listen while I call your names"

"Shout out 'present'/ 'here' if you are here"

"No? Is he/ she absent today?"

"Let's all count to see if everyone is here - girls first, then boys." [mime counting on fingers]

"Who's the class monitor this week? Rocky? Rocky, can you count how many people are here please?"

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Classroom Language : Taking the register (= roll call)
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