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 Classroom language: Game actions

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PostSubject: Classroom language: Game actions   23rd August 2015, 10:18 pm

I said in last topic "Classroom language:Positions, space and shapes" that game can make students fun and learn faster. And also make them to remember the vocabularies in teacher's order easier.
Games are very useful in class and teachers can use it in every class also.
That's why Classroom language: Game actions is needed for you as a teacher in the future.

Let's see Classroom language: Game actions Laughing

“Twist (your neck/ your wrist/ your waist)”
“Turn (around/ all the way around/ 90 degrees/ 180 degrees/ 360 degrees)”
“Keep your feet in the same position and…”
“Jump (up and down/ forward/ backwards/ sideways/ as far as you can/ towards…/ once/ with your
feet together/ until I say ‘stop’/ until I shout out another action/ like a kangaroo/ like a rabbit/ like a frog/ quickly/ slowly/ onto the right flashcard)”
“Hop (on your right/ left leg/ in a straight line)”
“Wiggle (your leg/ arm/ finger/ fingers)”
“Make a (small/ big) circle/ rectangle/ square/ triangle star shape/ letter… with your fingers/ arms/legs/ whole body”
“Move like a fish/ helicopter”
“Move more quickly/ slowly/ gently/ violently/ smoothly/ energetically”
“Pretend your hand/ arm/ body is fin/ propeller/ spider/ man (and make it ski down your arm/ jump on your partner’s head”
“Pass/ throw/ bounce the ball over your head/ under your legs/ to the person standing next to you/ to the person opposite”
“Sit up straight/ Stand up straight”
“Spin (with one finger pointing out in front of you/ with your eyes closed/ around once or twice/ quickly/ slowly/ anticlockwise/ clockwise/ in the opposite direction)”
“Put this blindfold on/ Put this scarf around your eyes and move where your team tell you”
“Open / close/ cover your eyes”
“On tiptoes”
“Hold hands (with your partner/ with the people on your left and right)”
“Shake hands (with your partner/ with everyone you meet”
“(Put your) hands up (when you know the answer/ if you want to go next/ if you spot a mistake”
“Move around the class (and speak to everyone you meet/ and stop when I shout ‘Stop’"

Tatiya014 3EN

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PostSubject: Re: Classroom language: Game actions   5th September 2015, 3:07 pm

11.great job! Tanta
Too many topics of you!!
Thank you for sharing,
I will bring your technique to use in class and English Camp.

lol! afro lol! afro study study study

Pornrawin048 3EN
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รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ
รมต. กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ

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PostSubject: Re: Classroom language: Game actions   6th September 2015, 1:26 pm

WOW!! This's great!! Thanks for sharing! Because it's hard to find a proper word to make games smoothly, I need some CL that can improve my ability in teaching with using games. This forum answer my question correctly. Thanks again! Very Happy

Dolnapa 051 3EN
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PostSubject: Re: Classroom language: Game actions   

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Classroom language: Game actions
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