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 Interrupting/redirecting a conversation

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PostSubject: Interrupting/redirecting a conversation   30th November 2015, 11:11 pm

Interrupting / redirecting a conversation

Let me interrupt for a minute
Speaking of...
we need to move on to...
That reminds me of...
Well, we need to...
What you’re saying relates to...
May I add something here?
Your comments related to our next topic
Actually, I’m getting to that topic soon
Okay, let’s get back to...
Let’s get back to our main point...
Let’s get back to the original question

Interrupting a speaker who is going on too long

Let’s stop right there and focus on...
Good example.
Can someone else give another example of...
Hold on, let’s give someone else a chance to speak

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Interrupting/redirecting a conversation
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