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 Educational Psychology To Solve Classroom Problems

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PostSubject: Educational Psychology To Solve Classroom Problems   2nd December 2015, 11:30 pm

How would a teacher use the knowledge of educational psychology to solve classroom problem?

Psychology is the study of behaviour. Educational psychology is an attempt to apply the psychological principles, theories & techniques to human behaviour in educational situation.
The knowledge of educational psychology is very useful & indispensable for the teacher due to the following criteria:

Knowledge of innate nature: The child has some qualities, instinct, urges etc. These natures force the child to find out his /her inner talent and behave in the class in different way. Educational psychology helps to modify this behaviour in a positive manner.
Knowledge of individual difference: Every child is different from each other with respect to abilities achievement, capabilities etc. The knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher to bring out the latent talent of a child.
Knowledge of behaviour: Child is born with some innate behaviour. Educational psychology helps the teacher to modify the behaviour of the child.e.g Stubbornness,annoyance,anxiety etc.
Knowledge of Mental health: Educational psychology helps the teacher to maintain the health of student by contacting their parents occasionally. Personality develops if the mental health of a child is taken care of.
Knowledge of Learning: Educational psychology helps the teacher to understand the various aspects of learning such as Method, Process, Laws of learning etc. Thus it helps to modify the teaching procedure for making learning successful.
Knowledge of one’s own job: Educational psychology helps the teacher to know and understand the importance of one’s own job, responsibilities with efficiency.Teacher should not show their stress in front of children.
Knowledge of guidance: Educational psychology helps the teacher to understand the child’s mind and guide the child whenever necessary.
Improvement in teaching-taught relationship: It improves the teaching-taught relationship by knowing the interest ,aptitude and potential of the child.
Improvement in curriculum: Educational psychology helps to develop the curriculum which revolves round the student like concentric approach/topical approach of the subject which will be related to the child’s real-life situation. Thus, educational psychology helps to create child-centered curriculum.
Improvement in teaching method: It helps to introduce various teaching methods to develop the interest of the child. Teacher can thus use different teaching aids to improve teaching and create curiosity in the child.
Improvement in discipline: Discipline can not be forced.Educational psychology helps to understand the mind of the child and helps to maintain self-discipline.
Experimentation and research: Educational psychology brings out certain experiments and research in the field of education and bringing the new teaching methods to improve the teaching-learning process.
Measurement and evaluation: It helps the teacher to measure the various achievement of the child by evaluating through different skills.
Thus we see that educational psychology is very useful to the teacher to modify the teaching and handle classroom problems efficiently.
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Educational Psychology To Solve Classroom Problems
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