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 Class room language : Rushing out

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PostSubject: Class room language : Rushing out   29th November 2015, 9:55 pm

When the teachers have to finish the class quickly, we can use these following words

“Can I leave you to clear up? It’s just that my train is leaving in 10 minutes”
“I have to go now, but feel free to stay and chat if you like”
“I’m afraid there’s another class in here in five minutes, but we can continue talking outside in the corridor”
“The janitor will be around in ten minutes to lock up, so we’d better make a move/ we’d better go/ we’ve got to shoot”
“I’m afraid I don’t have time to answer extra questions today (but I’ll arrive early for the next lesson/ I’ll be in the teachers’ room this afternoon and you can ask me then)”
“We’ll all miss our bus/ train if we don’t leave soon”

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Class room language : Rushing out
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