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 How to sleep in classroom?

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PostSubject: How to sleep in classroom?   1st December 2015, 2:27 am

Many students are tired in school because they didn't get enough shut-eye the previous night. As a result, these students may fall asleep during class. They could get in trouble if they're caught. If you love sleep as much as most people, here are a few methods on how to sleep in class and get away with it.
- Open a book and place it on your lap. Place your head down on your arm. Place your right hand on the pages. You will appear to be reading the book, so hopefully your teacher won't notice what you're actually doing.
- Put your arm and head in the usual positions. Reach inside your desk, as if you are rummaging for something.
- Try to cup your face if you are reading something. To do this, cup your hands around your eyes and rest your chin in your palms.

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How to sleep in classroom?
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